Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

We provide treatment for:
• Stress and urge incontinence
• Pelvic prolapse
• Bladder retraining
• Pelvic pain disorders
• Myofascial trigger points: manual release and dry needling
• Osteoporosis management

Collectively we perform a thorough assessment in a private room including:
• Education with pelvic models, diagrams and drawing to facilitate and demystify patient’s understanding of their diagnosis
• Internal digital examination
• EMG biofeedback and Estim muscle training using internal probes
• Electrical Stimulation of pelvic floor muscles using internal probes
• Bolton catheter evaluation of sphincter muscles

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is useful for acute pain distraction. This is useful for pain reduction during labour. We rent these machines with large electrodes for individual use.