We treat babies through to adolescents, providing assessment of your child’s condition and developing a personalised programme suitable for your child. Children’s Physiotherapy covers a wide range of services & conditions for babies and children of all ages including:

• Biomechanical/Foot Problems
• Musculoskeletal Injuries & Sports Injuries
• Respiratory Conditions
• Physical Disabilities
• Learning Disabilities
• Hip Pain/Perthes Disease
• Juvenile Arthritis
• Knee Pain/Osgood Schlatters Disease
• Back Pain & Scoliosis
• Limb length discrepancy

Paediatric physiotherapists work with children who experience some disruption in their development and their families. Typically paediatric physiotherapists will address motor issues, but children may also present with other impairments that affect cognition, language and psychosocial issues.