If you have an acute episode of neck or back pain and need some advice on dealing with this, we provide an evidenced based approach to back and neck pain. We have a strong focus on rehabilitation and together with you, we can formulate a plan which might include exercise, advice on pain management and sometimes manual therapy.

Neck Pain

Most people can expect to experience some neck pain in their lifetime. It is not always possible to identify the exact cause of neck pain but most of the time it is not serious and for the majority of people it should not seriously interfere with normal activities. However, if you have suffered serious injury, or the pain is very severe or going down the arm you should seek advice from a health professional.

Advice can also be given on how to adjust your workstation (Ergonomics) and a stretch program for any neck or shoulder issues. 

Back Pain

Back pain is a very common condition which affects a large amount of the population. It can be very painful, but there is rarely a serious cause of pain. Our Chartered Physiotherapist is skilled in the assessment of your pain.

Our Chartered Physiotherapist will:

  • Perform a detailed assessment, taking a history of your symptoms and a physical examination.
  • May give a diagnosis of the exact site of symptoms and the underlying causes.
  • Plan a treatment programme to suit your needs.
  • Our Chartered Physiotherapist will monitor your symptoms at each visit and will progress your treatment programme accordingly. If appropriate, your physiotherapist will liaise with your doctor, hospital consultant or other health care professional. You will be advised on return to work, sport, daily activities and given advice on preventing recurrence of your pain.