Pelvic pain is pain anywhere in the pelvic region.  In particular pelvic floor physios assess and treat women with pain in the vulva which can be internal or external pain.  Here are some words that might be used to describe your pelvic pain
Vestibulitis, Vestibulodynia, Vulodynia, Vaginitis, Dyspareunia, Overactive pelvic floor muscles, prostatitis.

Pelvic floor dysfunction

We take a detailed history of your pain and take lifestyle factors into account.  An assessment of your body movement is performed and the assessment will usually involve an internal assessment.  We look at how your body moves, its strengths, weaknesses and soft tissue flexibility.  We look at your breathing and ability to contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles. A treatment plan is then agreed with you. Minors can also be assessed for pelvic pain but the assessment would not include an internal assessment.


Dilator therapy

This is used for some people with vaginal pain after cancer treatment or for those with pain during sexual intercourse.  Not all people are suitable for this type of therapy and I often see people who have failed this therapy in the past due to lack of direction.  We can guide you and advise on the best tools to use to help you deal with your pain.